The Mood range features robust shapes that communicate solidity and display a modern simplicity.

The monolithic pan with its straight edges and inward-sloping sides has a concealed cistern for an uncluttered, minimalist look.

The Mood pan is a water-saving, dual-flush model, using just 3 litres for the half flush and 4.5 litres for the full flush.

The bidet matches the lines of the pan exactly to produce a precise symmetry when placed side by side.

The Mood basin is offered in two freestanding variants, with and without tap hole.

The model with tap hole features a perfectly flat rear shelf that continues uninterrupted to form the fine rim.

This 8mm slender edge was achieved using pioneering methods that allow fine work to be produced in vitreous china – a material perfectly suited to bathroomware, thanks to its hardness and extremely low water absorption.

Previously this kind of slim edge could only be produced with fired clay.

The freestanding basin without tap hole is slightly deeper than its counterpart.

Having no shelf, the fine rim extends all the way around the basin, giving it the look of an inviting, contemporary bath.

The entire Mood range has been manufactured to meet both European and American production standards and specifications.

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