Established in 1992.   

The brand of Arrow plumbing has became a well known name within the construction industry. Arrow Plumbing specializes in value added service that meets the clients personal and commercial plumbing needs.

The story behind the brand…

Arrow was originally found in 1986 the current Managing Director Pieter Swart has been running the organisation successfully for over 30 years. Differentiated from other wholesalers, Arrow prides themselves in value added service. Going the extra mile for their clients, consulting to meet their consumer needs and and resolving their plumbing queries.

We focus on plumbing services on all kitchenware, bathroom and construction related line items that meets the needs private, local and commercially. As an independent privately owned entity, Arrow actively competes with industry prices of the public sector striving to provide the best industry prices.

Servicing over a broad spectrum of markets broadly differentiated from commercial being our strong hold and main market, we also take care in private home sector . Offering professional and personal care to our walk in customers as well as governmental ,industrial construction housing projects .

The Arrow Plumbing Brand has been working with allies and partners from on a private and public trade market. Arrow is known to ensure innovative streamline ordering services to ensure supplies reach our rendered sites on time.