With the delicate horizontal lines of its seat and cover over a robust base, the Mirage is a vision of refinement and elegant simplicity. Clean geometric edges are softened by rounded corners, giving the unit a welcoming but refined feel. The Mirage is also available in black and is complemented by the Mirage basin, pedestal and bidet.

The Mirage is a floor-mounted unit, featuring a closed-rim pan with close-couple cistern.

Dual top-flush toilet system allows the choice of a full flush or short flush for significant water savings
Closed-rim pan and close-couple cistern make cleaning easier
Cistern sits directly on the pan surface allowing the direct transfer of water
Specially designed slots in the rim allow for a more uniform, quieter flush
Wooden, standard seat with bottom-fit mechanism included, all under manufacturer’s warranty
Ceramic is high-pressure cast, yielding a more uniform and consistent product
Cisterns are cast, glazed and fired together with their matching lid, ensuring a perfect fit
Manufactured for maximum hygiene – all pans are sump-washed in manufacturing so that all parts coming into contact with black water are glazed
The suite is installed easily, but we do recommend that you get help from a certified plumber
Responsibly manufactured in South Africa, ensuring continuous supply and attentive customer service
10-year warranty on ceramic products
SABS approved

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