The top hat screw which is attached to the holderbat is 8mm in diameter and 65mm long.

Holderbats are used to hold the downpipe firmly against the wall to ensure a neat finish. At least two holderbats should be used per standard 2.7m length downpipe. It is not recommended to use less than two holderbats

Each holderbat has two 6x20mm gutter bolts and nuts attached to it, allowing the installer to easily remove the downpipe from the holderbat if necessary. The spike on the holderbat should be properly sealed into the wall of the building before the downpipe is mounted on the holderbat.

Protective Coating after Installation
A good quality acrylic PVA paint should be used to paint the galvanised material which will ensure a durable stylish
installation that will last many years.
Code Description Size Thickness Shape
HOLDERBAT050RND 50mm 50mm for pipes 0.8mm Round
HOLDERBAT075RND 75mm 75mm 0.8mm Round
HOLDERBAT100RND 100mm 100mm 0.8mm Round
HOLDERBAT110RND 110m 110mm for vent pipes

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