Manufactured from SABS-quality galvanised steel varying in thickness depending on individual needs and architects specifications.

Shoes are manufactured in two Shapes, namely crimped and soldered. Soldered is a traditional Type bend and is more likely to be used on older houses for maintenance purposes.

Crimped shoes are not as smooth a bend as soldered, but is a more modern look, more affordable and less harmful to the galvanised coating as no acid is used during the soldering process,.

Shoes are mainly used to complete an installation where a plain downpipe was installed and needs a shoe to direct the water flow away from the foundation.

Protective Coating after Installation
A good quality acrylic PVA paint should be used to paint the galvanised material which will ensure a durable stylish installation that will last many years.
Code Description Length Type Thickness
SHOESQC04075100 0.4mm x 100x75mm 100x75mm Crimped 0.4mm
SHOESQC05075100 0.5mm x 100x75mm 100x75mm Crimped 0.5mm
SHOESQS04075100 0.4mm x 100x75mm 100x75mm Soldered 0.4mm
SHOESQS05075100 0.5mm x 100x75mm 100x75mm Soldered 0.5mm

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