JoJo Tanks offers a range of low-maintenance tanks to store rainwater in domestic and agricultural applications.

Let nature do the work! Harvest rainwater free from the sky and use it to water the garden, do the laundry, wash the car and top up the pool. Just think of the reduction in the water bill when using rainwater and not expensive regulated water for daily household chores! But, more than saving money, your investment in a JoJo Tanks rainwater harvesting tank makes you a steward of water; not just a consumer.

Collecting rainwater means you can keep a constant supply of water on hand to supplement your existing water resources or alleviate drought and other unintended water scarcities.

We offer a range of rainwater tanks from our space-sensitive tanks (Slimline™) to large capacity rainwater tanks that can store up to 20 000 litres at any time!

JoJo Tanks rainwater storage tanks are available for sale through a wide distribution network across South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Stores from 750 to 20 000 litres of rainwater
Free and cost-effective alternative to tap water
For water re-use (showering, gardening, pool water, etc.)
Space-saving designs for urban use
Wide range of colours and finishes to suit your application

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